About me

Peter Zolczer
Peter Zolczer

I was raised in a small Hungarian minority village in Slovakia. My parents always told me to be a doctor. Or a priest. But from a very young age I was really into electronics and computers. They made my brain work hard, and that was something I loved (and still do).

When it was time to pick a university, I ended up choosing two majors, Information Technology (because it was my passion) and English Language and Literature (because this language opened the world to me).

After I got my bachelor’s degree I started working as an IT guy (in 2012) at a small company dealing with the distribution of nutritional supplements and fitness protocols, but I also continued my studies at the university. When I received my master’s with honors, I was offered a position at the English department (in 2013). They told me to get a PhD and I can become a full-time university teacher. I thought a university teacher position would look nice on my CV (no comment…), so I got a PhD and became a university teacher. And in between my master’s and my PhD degree, I also got a doctorate in pedagogy.

I soon realized that I really like teaching and I enjoy doing scientific research. Receiving positive feedback from students and a Rector’s prize for academic achievements was good enough proof to myself that I was doing my job properly.

But I love computers and solving complex problems which require analytical skill sets and I really don’t like rigid systems with outdated frameworks and methods, where either you do what everyone else is doing (and has done for decades) or you quit – so after 8 years of teaching I decided to resign as a university teacher and fully devote myself to my passion: spinning the cogwheels of my cognitive faculties in the filed of IT.

That small company I mentioned previously, it grew rapidly over the years and all this growth has supplied me with an endless amount of IT related problems, ranging from full network redesigns and deployments on the physical layer, to the implementation, management and maintenance of various computer systems and software solutions.

Working as an IT generalist at a company specializing in product distribution I soon realized that many things I learned during my PhD studies (I did my PhD in Translation Studies, Applied Linguistics) and my career as a university teacher can be applied to my IT workflow, too, so instead of forgetting about those skills or using them exclusively at their own fields, I implemented them into my IT work and expanded the range of my abilities.

All in all, if you are interested in a freelancer with a hybrid skill set of an IT generalist and an educator, don’t hesitate to contact me.